Career Opportunities


Destination Membertou Summer Cruiser Placement Program 2018
Department: Marketing

Position: Promotional Team (Summer Student)

The position(s) with the marketing department is versatile. The main components are taking a lead role with the Destination Membertou Summer Cruiser and hosting events within the community of Membertou. The summer cruiser raises the profile of Membertou within Cape Breton and educates locals and tourists of what the community offers. Duties will include planning, attending and participating in events throughout Cape Breton to promote Membertou. Flexibility and availability to work days and weekends may be necessary. Other duties will include social media updates as well as various projects including printing, special event planning, writing and media monitoring. All candidates must be 16 years of age or older, qualify for summer employment under the Membertou STEP UP program, and be returning to school in fall 2018.


  • Promoting Membertou in a positive and respectful manner
  • Assistance with cultural workshops
  • Social Media: Responsible for weekly social media updates
  • Special Events : Provide support when needed
  • Media Monitoring: Identify, monitor and gather information
  • Research: General information requests
  • Flexibility and availability to work weekends when necessary
  • Creation and assistance with community newsletter cover stories
  • Delivery of Membertou maps and print materials to Visitor Information Centres
  • Any other related duties


  • Valid Nova Scotia Driver’s License
  • Enthusiastic and outgoing individual
  • Ability to work as part of a team as well as independently
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft Word
  • Familiar with social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Must qualify for summer employment under the Membertou STEP UP program

To apply, please submit a resume to: Jenny Morgan,
111Membertou Street,
Membertou, N.S. B1S 2M9

or via email: or Breezy Christmas
DEADLINE: Thursday, May 31st 2018 



Day Camp Supervisors (1 Male, 1 Female)
Rate of Pay:
$12.50 per hour


  • Clear Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Communication skills-oral and written
  • Experience with supervising and coordinating
  • Experience working with a budget
  • Experience working with children and  youth
  • Must be a post-secondary student who is qualified for employment under the Membertou (STEP UP)program


  • Plan and provide a schedule in advance to the Student Employment Coordinator 
  • Ensure permission slips are completed by parents for all field trips
  • Identify a budget that will be required as related to the activities
  • Do not exceed the allocated budget
  • Have a back up plan for days that outdoor activities are cancelled
  • Ensure that student workers understand what they are required to do
  • Attend the student orientation and any other training/workshops that the students that are required to attend
  • Supervise the assigned students to ensure they are performing their duties
  • Create a schedule for the students in order to ensure there are enough students to meet the supervision ratio
  • Keep track of students daily hours
  • Keep daily attendance of day camp participants. 
  • Ensure that students and day camp participants are working in a safe environment
  • Ensure all equipment is returned and kept in a secure place
  • Provide a report of hours to the Student Coordinator
  • Follow Membertou policies such as Finance and Human Resources
  • Report to the STEP UP Employment Coordinator if any issues arise
  • Provide reports to the STEP UP committee as needed
  • Any other duties that may be required of the student supervisor by the STEP UP committee or STEP UP Employment Coordinator

To apply, please submit a resume to: Jenny Morgan, 111Membertou Street, Membertou, N.S. B1S 2M9 or or Breezy Christmas

DEADLINE: Friday June 1, 2018 by 12:00 NOON