Career Opportunities

Dining Room Services Manager

Department:  MTCC Food and Beverage
Reports To:  Food & Beverage Services Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure delivery and pick up of products to and from the kitchen is on time.
  • Must be courteous and professional to guests and co-workers.
  • Must create a positive guest experience. Smile and be helpful and friendly.
  • Ensure service standards and proper procedures are being maintained at all times in the dining room. This may involve coaching and training as needed during and after shifts.
  • Promote teamwork among dining room staff and with the kitchen staff.
  • Read BEO’s for upcoming events in the building in order to anticipate the impact to the dining room and ensure that proper staffing and other preparations will be in place.
  • Assist with administering training for all new staff. Helps to develop training plans for new personnel hired and works with the Food and Beverage Service Manager on this.
  • Perform pre-service meetings on a shift by shift basis. Ensure the 5pm sheet is completed and speak with all staff when possible about new information.
  • Maintain a daily log book of activities and information for reference by other staff and supervisors.
  • Work closely with the F& B Service Manager to monitor labour costs & service levels.
  • Work closely with the F&B Service Manager to input and monitor daily sales.
  • Insure that programming the POS system is 100% accurate for the food and drink menu.
  • Engage in any coaching and disciplinary actions as required.
  • Assist F& B Service Manager with improving service levels and standard procedures.
  • Responsible for weekly beverage inventory counts & ordering for all F&B Services.
  • Adhere to the Building Fire Procedure and evacuation plan, lead and train the team to do so.
  • Adhere to all Food Safety regulations while leading and providing training for the team.
  • Adhere to all Health and Safety rules and regulation lead and train the team to do so.


  • Minimum experience of five years in a supervisor capacity is required.
  • Prior food & beverage supervisor experience is mandatory.
  • Food safety handling and responsible beverage service certifications are an asset.
  • Strong team player with good leadership abilities.
  • Demonstrated exceptional guest service skills with a passion to anticipate and exceed guest expectations.
  • Ability to lift up to 25 Kg.
  • A keen eye for detail is essential.
  • Self-motivated and efficient problem solver.
  • Flexible availability for shifts: must be willing to work a variety of hours, based on business needs.

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Membertou Human Resources Department
Attention:  Richard Stevens
111 Membertou Street
Membertou, NS  B1S2M9

Or by email:


Deadline for application is April 28, 2017.

Day Camp Supervisors (1 Male, 1 Female)

Rate of Pay: $12.35 per hour


  • Clear Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Communication skills-oral and written
  • Experience with supervising and coordinating
  • Experience working with a budget
  • Experience working with children and  youth
  • Must be a post-secondary student who is qualified for employment under the Membertou (STEP UP)program


  • Plan and provide a schedule in advance to the Student Employment Coordinator  
  • Ensure permission slips are completed by parents for all field trips
  • Identify a budget that will be required as related to the activities
  • Do not exceed the allocated budget
  • Have a back up plan for days that outdoor activities are cancelled
  • Ensure that student workers understand what they are required to do
  • Attend the student orientation and any other training/workshops that the students that are required to attend
  • Supervise the assigned students to ensure they are performing their duties
  • Create a schedule for the students in order to ensure there are enough students to meet the supervision ratio
  • Keep track of students daily hours
  • Keep daily attendance of day camp participants. 
  • Ensure that students and day camp participants are working in a safe environment
  • Ensure all equipment is returned and kept in a secure place
  • Provide a report of hours to the Student Coordinator
  • Follow Membertou policies such as Finance and Human Resources
  • Report to the STEP UP Employment Coordinator if any issues arise
  • Provide reports to the STEP UP committee as needed
  • Any other duties that may be required of the student supervisor by the STEP UP committee or STEP UP Employment Coordinator

To apply, please submit a resume to: Melissa MacDonald, 111Membertou Street, Membertou, N.S. B1S 2M9 or or


Notice to all Potential Summer Students 

The Student Term Employment Program Utilizing Partnerships (STEP UP) program will now be accepting applications. There will be a list of specific job positions available that students will have the opportunity to apply for and possibly take part in an interview.

Students who take initiative and find their own placement in a Non-Membertou Entity will receive the maximum extra weeks of employment in their grade category.  

If a student is able to find their own placement within a Membertou-owned business or department, they will receive 6 weeks of employment. Students who do not take initiative, will receive only 4 weeks of employment. See chart below for more details: 

University/College students:

  • June 19 to August 25 (10 weeks) @ $11.35 per hour
  • July 3 to August 11 (6 weeks) @$11.35 per hour
  • June 26 to July 21 (4 weeks) @ $11.35 per hour

Grades 11 & 12:

  • July 3 to August 25 (8 weeks) @ $10.85 per hour
  • July 3 to August 11(6 weeks) @ $10.85 per hour
  • July 3 to July 28(4 weeks) @ $10.85 per hour

Grade 10:

  • July 3 to August 25 (8 weeks) @$10.35 per hour
    • July 3 to August 11 (6 weeks) @ $10.35 per hour
    • July 3 to July 28 (4 weeks) @ $10.35 per hour

Membertou band members who during the 2016-2017 school year were Full-time Post-Secondary (university and college) students and Grade 10 -12 High School students who reside in Nova Scotia can apply for summer employment.   All students must have a Social Insurance Number and a bank account for payroll purposes.  

Post-Secondary students are reminded they must submit their marks and high school students must pass 6 out of their 8 courses before being considered for employment. 

To Apply (starting May 1st), contact Breezy Christmas who is located in the Education Building 902-564-6466 ext. 2460. 

DEADLINES: Wednesday, May 31 for Post-Secondary students; Friday, June 2 for High School students