Working for Membertou for the past eight years has been a positive experience for me. Membertou employs skilled, hard working leaders that have set a good example for me to follow. I have had great experiences with my coworkers, other employees, community members and the public. The ISO certification results in policies and procedures that help a large organization like Membertou to work effectively. I have been provided with many training sessions and workshops that have helped me to perform my job duties to the best of my ability. I have always wanted to help people and I love being able to do it in my own community.

- Melissa MacDonald: 2004 - Present

My employment began in catering part-time and after only three to four months I was hired in the restaurant as a full time bus person. Two years later I was promoted to a full- time bartender in the restaurant. Membertou also provided me with 40 hrs working in some of the other businesses, picking up shifts in gaming, environmental services department etc. In 2011, I was promoted to Kiju’s dining room Manager. I received congrats from everyone on Council and everyone was very supportive! If you do your job to the best of your ability Membertou will support you in any way they can. I received nothing but support from management. I highly recommend Membertou as an employer. In fact, I say it all the time. I always tell my friends to apply. Membertou is a great employer! The benefits package is great, also. Membertou has been very supportive of me.

- Lans McPhee: 2003 - Present

I have worked for Membertou for over 18 years. I started as the Financial Controller, responsible for the accounting for government operations (Finance, Social, and Education) of Membertou and became the Director of Finance when Membertou began the fisheries. I left for a couple of years to become a financial analyst, then when I returned I became the Co-Manager of the Membertou Entertainment Centre (Bingo Hall) and now am the General Manager of the Membertou Entertainment Centre. It has been exciting and challenging to be part of the rapid growth and change in Membertou.

- John Miller: Early 90's - Present