Membertou Departments

Human Resources

Phone: (902) 564-6466 | Fax: (902) 562-7281
Director: Richard Stevens, ext. 2640,
Manager: Priya Shyla, ext. 2320,
Coordinator: Amanda Cloake, ext. 2890,

Finance Department

The Finance Department manages Membertou’s budgets and distributes finances appropriately. The finance department oversees all expenditures, which includes administration and government programs, capital projects and economic development through the Membertou Development Corporation.


Phone: (902) 564-6466 | Fax: (902) 539-6645
Chief Financial Officer: Mike McIntyre, ext. 2330
Finance Director: Kevin Chant, ext. 2215
Finance Manager: Chris McIntyre, ext. 2260


The purpose of the Membertou/Maupeltu Governance Committee is to develop laws and codes for the consideration of the citizens of the community of Membertou First Nation.


The Objectives of this Committee are as follows:

  • Consider the context of First Nation codes and laws in Canada;
  • Review various First Nation codes and laws;
  • Consider specific options and related provisions for the community of Membertou;
  • Engage Membertou community members on key decisions points related to the development of Membertou codes and laws.


Phone: (902) 564-6466
Coordinator: Cheryl Knockwood, ext. 2520

Public Works

The daily operations of Membertou Public Works include the design, construction and maintenance of Membertou’s water and sewer infrastructure, along with community roads. Other responsibilities include the remediation of construction sites and the preparation of new housing lots. The department is also responsible for snow removal and winter work operations.


In addition to these duties, the Department of Public Works plays a significant role in the construction of new development.


Phone: (902) 562-6842 | Fax: (902) 562-9628
Director: Vance Kabatay, ext. 4312

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy public environment for all Membertou community and civic buildings. The department also provides internal linen cleaning services for the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre and Membertou Entertainment Centre’s requirements.


Phone: (902) 539-2125 | Fax: (902) 539-6645
Manager: Nicole Francis, ext. 3203

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety Department is responsible for maintaining health and safety in the workplace, and the community of Membertou. The department provides technical expertise to all employees regarding all health and safety matters and also administers training in several key areas to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all Membertou employees sponsoring courses such as WHMIS, First Aid, Due Diligence and construction safety courses required by Membertou.


Phone: (902) 564-6466 | Fax: (902) 562-2645
Director: Peter Stevens, ext. 2555,

Health & Wellness Home

The Membertou Wellness Home delivers programs in heart disease/hypertension, smoking cessation, healthy weight, crisis prevention/intervention, mental health, pre-natal, diabetes foot care, addictions services, dental therapy, chronic disease, home and community care and respiratory illness. All programs encourage a healthy lifestyle and are offered through monthly information sessions, weight loss groups and one- on -one counselling. Programs are available to anyone in the community requesting these services.


The Membertou Wellness Home offers a family practice medical clinic with Dr. Jeff Power providing services to the community from Monday through Friday.


Phone: (902) 564-6466 | Fax: (902) 539-9954
Director: Darlene Anganis, ext. 2770

Social Services Department

The Social Services Department has been working hard to change the norms of social spending in Membertou. Through active measures, community leaders are making substantial investments in its workforce through education and training administered by the department; Social Training Assistance Initiative Reinvestment Strategy (STAIRS).


Membertou Social employees’ commitment and hard work to improve the overall development of Membertou’s workforce enables our community to continue to prepare our future employees with the skills they require in today’s challenging workplace.


Phone: (902) 564-6466 | Fax: (902) 562-6851
Director: Joan Denny, ext. 2660


The Membertou Education Department provides culture and conversational Mi’kmaw classes to Membertou youth. They also offer state of the art technology, such as laptops for children, and host after-school homework clubs and other extracurricular activities.


Phone: (902) 564-6466 | Fax: (902) 539-6645
Director: Darren Googoo, ext. 2380


Maupeltuewey Kina’matno’kuom

Phone: (902) 562-2205
Principal: Lucy Joe

Membertou Youth Centre / C@P Site

Membertou C@P site offers an array of programs for young community members and the surrounding area. The center is responsible for facilitating summer computer seminars, tutoring for junior high and high school students and gives any visitor the opportunity to surf the web or check email.


Phone: (902) 539-4920 | Fax: (902) 539-4990
Recreation Director: Leon Paul, ext. 4201

Membertou Entrepreneur Centre

The Membertou Entrepreneur Centre offers a business development program that includes customized training and workshops, as well as one-on-one support for new and existing businesses. The main focus is to assist Membertou residents that are interested in starting a new business or expanding an existing business, to develop a strong business plan.


Phone: (902) 562-6919 | Fax: (902) 562-2068
Manager: Eileen Paul, ext. 3302

Membertou Housing & Facilities

Membertou Housing and Facilities is responsible for maintenance and care of both residential and commercial buildings. The department is also responsible for the construction of new homes within the community and works closely with other departments to accomplish such tasks.


Phone: (902) 564-2111 | Fax: (902) 562-1265
Director: Randy Carroll

Membertou Administration

Membertou’s Administration department offers various administrative services to the community in areas such as, Governance, Policy, and the various Mi’kmaq Employment Training Secretariat (METS) programs.


Phone: (902) 564-6466
Executive Director: Trevor Bernard, ext. 2290

Quality Assurance and ISO Compliance

In January of 2002 Membertou received official notification of its ISO status, making Membertou the first Indigenous community in the world to become ISO 9001 certified. The purpose of ISO 9001 compliance is to further enhance Membertou’s indigenous economy based on the pillars of sustainability, conservation, innovation and success. The ISO designation allows Membertou to position itself as a credible player in the global market economy.


Today, through strong leadership from Chief and Council, other senior members of management and adherence to ISO standards, Membertou continues to show the world that they have transparent and consistent management policies.


Phone: (902) 564-6466
Quality Assurance Coordinator: Kyanne Paul, ext. 2570

Membertou Natural Resources

Membertou Natural Resources Department is responsible for all natural resource-related activities, including FSC harvesting, fishery, forestry, wildlife, environmental, mineral, land and water-based activities, including the conservation, protection and restoration of the Natural Resources for the Membertou Band Council.


Phone: (902) 567-2018 | Fax: (902) 270-6094
General Manager: George Christmas, ext. 3401

Membertou Boxing Club

The Membertou Boxing Club was formally established in 2008 by coaches Greg and Daniel Martin, formerly of Glace Bay’s Ring 73, and the Membertou Band Council.  Housed at what residents simply referred to as “the gym” for generations, the club created its own following and began to attract eager students of all ages.


In 2015, the club adopted the Mi’kmaw phrase Ta’n Wen’ju’te’kewinu’k Etl-kina’masulti’tij as the name of its training area.  Translated, it means Where Warriors Train.


Phone: (902) 217-6694
Coach: Greg Martin
Coach: Daniel Martin

Membertou Heritage Park

The Membertou Heritage Park honours the spirituality and the strength of the Membertou people by telling the story of Membertou, educating and sharing the Mi’kmaq culture and assisting in preserving the Mi’kmaq heritage. Through the Membertou Heritage Park, everyone has the opportunity to touch, feel and learn while experiencing first-hand Membertou’s rich culture.


Take a little piece of authentic Canadian tradition home with you as you browse through Petroglyphs Gift Shop. Petroglyph specializes in Indigenous art and crafts and carries a wide arrangement of traditional and contemporary Mi’kmaq gifts made locally in Atlantic Canada.


Phone: (902) 567-5333
General Manager: Jeff Ward, ext. 6129

Membertou Development Corporation

Membertou Development Corporation (MDC) was incorporated in 1989 by the community’s leadership, under the direction of Chief Terry Paul. Membertou recognized the importance of situating itself in the business core of Nova Scotia, and the results have been tremendous. By focusing on partnerships, joint ventures and exploring new opportunities, the MCD is fulfilling its goal of creating wealth, prosperity and employment for the Membertou First Nation. Since the opening of the MCD, Membertou has formed relationships with nationally and regionally recognized partners.


Phone: (902) 562-6826
: Chief Terrance J. Paul
Executive Assistant to the Chief & Executive Team: Cheryl MacLeod, ext. 6107
COO: Richard Paul, ext. 5005
VP, Business Development & Public Affairs: Jennifer Deleskie, ext. 5014
Director of Public Relations & Business Development: Kelsea McNeil, ext. 5023

Membertou Market

The Membertou Market, a must stop for convenience and delicious local eats offers a variety of products including; grocery items, fresh fruit and vegetables, gas, diesel, propane, lottery and tobacco. The. Membertou Chicken & Deli, located inside the Membertou Market features tasty chicken and deli menus for eat-in, takeout and delivery.


Phone: (902) 539-8401 | Fax: (902) 562-4401
Manager: Kenny MacDougall, ext. 4104

Membertou Trade & Convention Centre

Cape Breton Island’s premiere event destination, the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre (MTCC) is the perfect place to hold any event from small staff gatherings to large-scale entertainment shows, weddings and conferences.


It is the perfect location for your gatherings no matter what time of year. Book your event at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre and experience our unique combination of hospitality and professionalism.


Phone: (902) 562-6826
General Manager: Glen Morrison, ext. 6104
Sales Manager: Sharon Ross, ext. 6106

Membertou Geomatics Solutions

At Membertou Geomatics Consultants (MGC), we offer a full range of geomatics services to help turn data into visual representations – images that can provide a clear view of what’s really going on.


Our experienced consultants and technicians offer expertise and professional customer care through every step of the process, from needs assessment through final product delivery and analysis.


Phone: (902) 562-2784 | Fax: (902) 429-5461
Manager: Jason Googoo, (902) 429-0212

Membertou Data Centre

Membertou Data Centre specializes in the hosting and management of complex IT environments, ensuring the availability, security and integrity of critical data and business applications every day. Membertou Data Centre operates a world-class data center in Membertou that features support personnel, cooling, power, connectivity and physical security for clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.


Services such as managed hosting, disaster recovery, help desk/technical support services and website and email hosting are offered by the Membertou Data Centre


Phone: (902) 562-6826 | Fax: (902) 562-6828
Director: Jamie Doyle, ext. 6135

Kiju’s Restaurant

What we have to offer at Kiju’s Restaurant can be summed up in three words: Fresh, Local, Friendly.


Fresh, because our Chef incorporates fresh ideas, uses fresh ingredients, and creates fresh house-made meals that would make Kiju proud. Kiju means grandmother in the Mi’kmaq language.


Local, because at all times, at least 40% of our ingredients are sourced from local Nova Scotia suppliers.  This percentage increases in the summer and fall months.


Friendly, because our staff provide friendly Cape Breton hospitality that is second to none.


Phone: (902) 562-6220 | Email:

First Fisherman Seafoods

First Fisherman Seafoods is an Indigenous owned and operated Seafood Company based in Membertou, Nova Scotia, Canada. We emphasize the highest quality seafood products from a fishery rich in history and tradition. First Fisherman Seafoods believes strongly in following the traditional ways passed down from our ancestors, where nature and the environment are respected and appreciated. We believe that these practices make the ultimate difference in the taste and quality of our products to our customers.


Utilizing the fleet of eleven (11) vessels, Membertou’s First Fisherman Seafoods harvests a variety of groundfish, shellfish and large Pelagic including tuna.


Phone: (902) 564-6466 | Fax: (902) 562-5536
Director: Hubert Nicholas, ext. 5011
Executive Assistant to Fisheries: Cheryl MacLeod, ext. 6107

Membertou Entertainment Centre

Membertou Entertainment Centre (MEC) is a hub of fun and hosts bingo games five (5) nights per week on the first level and also houses two separate VLT areas on the second level, smoking and non-smoking. The MEC Bingo hall features an open concept non-smoking area and also contains dual glassed-in smoking areas for our customers who wish to smoke in comfort. The MEC also hosts several Monster Bingos throughout the year and provides electronic bingo for our most sophisticated players. Players can enjoy snacks and beverages from our full-service concessions.


Call the Bingo Hotline for details on all your favourite games.


Bingo Hotline: (902) 562-3999
Phone: (902) 562-1198 | Fax: (902) 562-2519
General Manager: Sheri Trask

Membertou Gaming Commission

The Membertou Gaming Commission operates 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, and employs approximately 53 people. Membertou uses the profits gained from this industry to assist in the creation of new business, capital investments and also provides a portion in the form of dividends to all community members each year.


Membertou Gaming opened a new facility in 2017 and welcomes only those 19+ years of age.


Phone: (902) 562-6969 | Fax: (902) 562-6196
General Manager: Cynthia Sylliboy

Membertou Commercial Realty

Membertou provides office and retail space to both local and national businesses. Currently, 53,000 square feet has been fully leased in the Membertou Business Centre and Professional Centre, both offering a professional business environment.


Membertou’s commercial realty expanded to include the HealthPark Facility located next to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and the Medical Arts Building, located on King’s Road in Sydney.


Membertou is currently in the process of creating and acquiring new commercial space.


Phone: (902) 564-6466
Manager: Colleen Tobin, ext. 2610

Lanes at Membertou

Lanes at Membertou is Cape Breton’s newest entertainment hub. With bowling, sport simulators & bar and restaurant, we offer an experience like no other!


With 16 lanes of candlepin bowling, three multi-sport simulators, private event rooms, as well a full-service restaurant and bar, Lanes at Membertou is Cape Breton’s newest entertainment hub. Our facility offers amusement for all ages, with high-quality service, and competitive pricing.


Phone: (902) 562-4911

Membertou Sport & Wellness Centre

The Membertou Sport & Wellness Centre brings the excitement of a state-of-the-art sports and special events facility to the community of Membertou, CBRM and surrounding areas. It has the capabilities of hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors per year, while remaining completely accessible to the community it was built to serve.


As one of the largest sporting venues on Cape Breton Island, this advanced property has been designed to offer convenience, amenities and first rate resources at a central location in the community of Membertou.


With 2 NHL regulation sized ice surfaces operating year round, a geothermal ice-making system, an indoor walking track and fully functioning YMCA, the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre is dedicated to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles within the community.


Only steps away from the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, Hampton Inn Sydney and Kiju’s Restaurant and a five minute drive from the downtown core of Sydney, the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre partners this multipurpose arena with a convenient location.


Along with all on-ice events and activities, we can also accommodate dry-land training, off-ice spectator events and meetings, charity events, group meetings and more!


Phone: (902) 563-4164
General Manager: Paul Carroll, ext. 6601

Membertou Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications provides marketing services, such as graphic and web design, social media marketing, and strategic marketing. Working alongside Membertou’s corporate entities, the Marketing department works to ensure growth and brand awareness at all levels. This department’s responsibility is also to provide comprehensive, strategic communication services to both the Membertou Development Corporation and the Membertou community. Communications oversees media relations, community outreach, written and online communications, sponsorship and stakeholder engagement.


Phone: (902) 564-6466
Manager, Marketing & Community Development: Brittany Erickson, ext. 5026