Membertou VOTES YES! On Membertou Land Code

June 10, 2019

Media Release

Membertou VOTES YES! On Membertou Land Code

Membertou, N.S – Another first for Membertou! Adding to its blueprints to prosperity, Membertou is the first community in Nova Scotia to have passed a Land Code and the 84th across Canada. On June 7th and June 8th, 31% of Eligible Voters cast their ballot in this historic vote and with a strong 94% approval, the members voted YES on the Membertou Land Code. The membership sent a clear message that Membertou are the true stewards of the land and can now manage its lands and resources in accordance with its own cultures and traditions.

The Governance Committee has worked diligently over the last 6 years to develop the Land Code, which was developed at a grassroots level through collaboration with both on and off-reserve community members and has seen over 20 revisions. The Land Code is now the basic Land Law of Membertou, replacing the paternalistic Indian Act. Chief and Council and its community members now have the clear role in decision making and approvals in relation to land management moving forward.

“Since time immemorial, we have always governed and protected our lands.” Chief Terry Paul stated on Saturday. “The Membertou Land Code, is a true assertion of self-government,” he said “It replaces 44 land management sections of the Indian Act. The Government of Canada will no longer control Membertou lands and Membertou reassumes its inherent right to manage its own reserve lands and resources under its own Land Code.”

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